Mediation, Dispute Resolution and Negotiations


Mediation and Dispute Resolution 

Hicksons has a team of nationally accredited mediators (including LEADR Accredited) who offer a practical alternative approach in assisting parties to collaboratively resolve their commercial disputes and helping to support them through the conflict resolution process so that they can make early, informed assessments of the core legal and commercial issues and risks associated with their dispute. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services the team provide include:

  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative Dispute Resolution
  • Conciliation
  • Mediation Style Conference
  • Negotiations.

The team mediate across the whole spectrum of commercial disputes with a particular focus on insurance law matters, professional liability issues, property and personal injury claims, tort law matters, and general contract law claims.


Negotiations pre contract and in discussions to resolve disputes

A number of the Hicksons team are Harvard trained negotiators who offer clients access to a team who practice non-adversarial negotiation strategies that assisting parties to collaboratively negotiate their commercial contracts and support them to make early, informed assessments of their core legal and commercial issues.

The team can draft contracts that reflect these commercial needs.

The strategies used by the team have assisted clients to save considerable time and costs by focussing early on what the important commercial issues are and not trying to negotiate every legal miniscule of a deal.


Practice Managers

Dr Tim Channon

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David Fischl

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Mediation & Negotiations